• From the tropical fields of Brazil, meet Health Riot’s Premium Cassava Flour! It’s everything you ever wanted in a flour and less! It’s got the same fluffy texture and mild neutral flavour of ordinary wheat flour; but no GMO, no allergenic wheat, gluten, grains or nuts. So you’ll get none of the bad stuff and loads of the good! It’s the best Cassava on...

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  • Omega 3 Power Food. Chia was considered more valuable than gold for the Aztecs. Its spectacular nutritional profile makes it a near complete food, providing essential protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as a wide variaty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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  • The Goji berry or wolfberry has long been known as the fruit of longevity and is connected with the story of Li Qing Yuen, who lived to the age of 252 years (1678-1930) and is said to have consumed Goji berries daily. It has the highest antioxidant content of all fruits 4 times more that Blackberries.

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  • Packed with the power of 5 SUPERFOODS, this green smoothie mix is the perfect way to get more greens in your diet. Concentrated and potent, these highly alkalising superfoods are essential to rebalance pH and cleanse the system. A synergistic blend of African Baobab, Green Grasses, Hemp Seed Protein, African Moringa and Spirulina provide a broad balancing...

    R 132.00

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