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Heirloom Foods

Heirloom Foods is a local farm growing fresh produce from heirloom seeds and following biodynamic farming principles.
The founders of Heirloom Foods have been collecting interesting varieties of seeds from around the world for more than a decade. Many of these varieties of plants and vegetables are noticeably different from what is available in local markets and stores.
No toxins, poisons, chemical pesticides and fertilisers are used on the soil and plants, making Heirloom Foods one of the few truly natural and organic growers in South Africa.

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  • Organic Carrots

    Organic Carrots, 1kg (Heirloom Foods)

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  • Organic Celery

    Organic Celery (Heirloom Foods)

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  • Organic Purple Potatoes

    Organic Purple Potatoes, 1kg (Heirloom Foods)

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  • Organic Red Onions

    Organic Red Onion, 1kg (Heirloom Foods)

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