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After a few years living in the UK, going though countless plastic water filters, Darrin and Camilla Morrisby realised there had to be a more convenient, more affordable, and more eco-friendly way to filter water.

After doing some research, they discovered Binchotan – a 100% natural, reusable, and recyclable filter that could purify ordinary tap water by removing toxins and remineralising, while also improving the taste!

For Darrin and Camilla, using Binchotan became a way of life and after moving to South Africa, they realised the potential that activated charcoal had for Africa. Not only as a convenient and economical way to filter water in cities, but also as a means to improve rural water quality and a step towards combatting the magnesium deficiency issue in SA.

So they did more research, tracked down the original Binchotan producer and today, thanks to their passion and conviction, KURO-Bō now offers everyone a more affordable, eco-friendly and simple way to enjoy delicious tasting filtered water.

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  • Kuro-Bo Activated Charcoal Water Filter

    KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Water Filter

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