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Lelive was founded in 2020 by Amanda du Pont. This proudly South African range celebrates what makes Africa unique.
Lelive skincare products clean, simple, effective and affordable.
The entire range has been formulated to be kind to you and the environment.
Their ingredients (which are 95% natural and up to 5% plant-identical) are sourced responsibly with local ingredients being celebrated throughout Lelive range.
Their packaging is mostly aluminium due to its recyclability and avoids the use of plastic wherever possible.
Lelive range is also vegan, cruelty free and reef safe.

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  • African Mahogany Light Moisturiser

    African Mahogany Light Moisturiser (Lelive)

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  • Coconut + Pineapple Oil Cleanser

    Cleaner Colada, Coconut + Pineapple African Oil Cleanser (Lelive)

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  • Rooibos + Aloe Jelly Cleanser

    Jelly Splash, Rooibos + Aloe Jelly Cleanser (Lelive)

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  • Marine Algae + Aloe Detoxifying Mask

    Marine Algae + Aloe Detoxifying Mask (Lelive)

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  • Marula Tinted SPF30 Moisturiser

    Marula Tinted SPF30 Moisturiser (Lelive)

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  • Peach + Aloe Exfoliator

    Peach + Aloe AHA/ BHA Exfoliator (Lelive)

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  • Shea Butter Lush Moisturiser

    Shea Butter Lush Moisturiser (Lelive)

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  • Vitamin C, Turmeric + HA Brightening Serum

    Vitamin C, Turmeric + HA Brightening Serum (Lelive)

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