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Pure, simple, 100% natural products for babies and adults.

Oh-Lief products do not contain any harsh chemicals, fragrances, petroleum, parabens, artificial colours or nut oils. Only the gentlest, non-irritating and raw natural ingredients are used. Oh-Lief relies on nature’s simplicity as the inspiration behind our formulations.

Olive oil, which is nature’s perfect skin moisturizer, forms the base for our product. This oil is gentle and easily absorbed and ideal for the treatment of dry and irritated skin. It is also perfect as baby’s first moisturizer due to its low allergenic potential, and allows skin to breathe naturally. Olive oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, heals damaged and irritated skin and even enhances skin elasticity.

Natural Beeswax is a by-product which is generated by bees during the construction of their hives and has a subtle scent of honey. Beeswax is an anti-microbial and healing agent; it is also an anti-irritant and antibacterial agent. Beeswax helps to protect baby’s skin against the environment and the chemical reactions in nappies on their skin

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  • Organic Aqueous Cream (Oh-Lief)

    Natural Aqueous Cream (Oh-Lief)

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