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Tierhoek Organic Farm

A family-run “Farm to Fork” business that believes in the principles of quality, integrity, honesty and teamwork.

Tierhoek jams and dried fruit take you back to those simple, delicious days when your grandmother baked fresh bread layered with home-made jam and offered you dried fruit still bursting with flavour.

Tierhoek team uses fresh, sun-ripened produce from their organic farms in the Noree Valley, Robertson, South Africa. What they cannot grow ourselves they source from similar certified organic farms to ensure organic integrity.

No sulphur, no preservatives, just healthy, delicious products full of natural goodness.

Tierhoek Valley is an ideal place to farm organically. The focus of the farm is to protect our natural heritage while also making a viable business from their orchards. Tierhoek team works hard to make everything of the highest quality – from their fresh fruit, jams and dried fruit to their elegant guests’ cottages.

Apricots and plums as well as some varieties of peach are particularly good in this region so they have planned their orchards with different varieties to fill their harvest time from mid-November until end of March.

Part of Tierhoek organic management plan is to be as sustainable and ecologically aware as possible in all that they do. They use an electric golf cart for transportation on the farm, they have solar heating in most of their houses and for the hot water in the production kitchen. All the dried fruit is packed in Good for the Ground biodegradable packaging made 100% from starch. They recycle all their rubbish through the municipal sites and any organic matter is fed to their pigs or chickens.

Biodiesel is used to power their tractors and farm vehicles and is an excellent way of re-cycling a potential pollutant in our town.

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  • Dried Persimmons (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

    Dried Persimmons (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Organic Apricot Jam (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Organic Apricot Jam, 280g (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Organic Dried Apricots (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

    Organic Dried Apricots (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Organic Dried Bananas (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

    Organic Dried Bananas (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Organic Quince Jam (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Blueberry Jam (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

    The Fruit Cellar Blueberry Jam (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Dried Apples (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

    The Fruit Cellar Dried Apples (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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  • Dried Blueberries (Tierhoek Organic Farm)dri

    The Fruit Cellar Dried Blueberries (Tierhoek Organic Farm)

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