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Let’s make Halloween scarily healthy – great ideas for decor and snacks!

Halloween and healthy don’t usually go to together very well. Halloween is one of those holidays that is a bit scary –scary because of the amount of sugary treats your kids load up on. This isn’t good for them or much fun for you!

While it’s difficult to make sure your kids eat healthily on Halloween, it’s not impossible – there are loads of fun ideas that are better-for-you. Try these cute, spooky and downright tasty treats to get kids excited about eating healthy on Halloween.

1. Naartjie jack-o-lanterns

Decorate naartjies or orange with a black marker – you can make a pile of juicy and delicious “pumpkin” decorations with your kids. This is a great activity to do together on Halloween (keeps excited kids busy). They double up as decorations and snacks.

2. Chocolates – Nanuki offers a range of cool and delicious chocolaty treats that are loaded with superfoods and other good stuff. You can also hand out these chocolate probiotic drops – and help prepare those tummies for all the snacks to come!

3. Go nuts and choose from our range of nuts, seeds and other yummy stuff – use as pick ’n mix or scoop in packets for healthy treats…

4. Make some spookily good nachos with these corn chips – you can make a healthy tomato (blood) dip and a gruesome avocado (slime) dip to go with them.

5. Don’t forget to put out some healthy chips – these can be put in bowls with labels to make them extra spooky – call these delicious treats ‘fingers’ or ‘worms’ for a bit of fun.