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Truefood Brown Lentils (Absolute Organix)


Lentils come is different colours with Brown Lentils being the most popular one. Lentils are high in fibre, protein, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Folate, while low in fat and calories. Their high protein content makes them a perfect option for vegetarian and vegan diets. Gluten free. Low Glycemic Index (GI).

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Ingredients: Brown Lentils, non-GMO

Country of origin: Canada


Absolute Organix

Leading South African manufacturer and supplier of organic foods and products. Founded in 2004, Absolute Organix is a leading South African manufacturer and distributor of organic and natural products. Apart from their own ranges – the Absolute Organix, Lifematrix and Truefood brands (we specialise in healthy oils and superfoods) – they exclusively distribute Holle organic baby foods from Switzerland, Garden of Life wholefood supplements (USA) and Naturata organic foods (Germany). Absolute Organix has their own certified organic oil pressing facility in Johannesburg and are Kosher certified for selected products. Their manufacturing facility is Food Safety audited.


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