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Organic Cacao Paste (Soaring Free Superfoods)


Real dark chocolate – made from raw cacao beans. Nature’s most powerful superfood. Chocolate is one of the world’s most well-loved foods, yet very few people have ever had the real food that all chocolate comes from – cacao beans! Cacao beans are the seeds of the cacao fruit – it is truly a nut which grows on a jungle tree.Cacao beans are 100% pure dark chocolate!

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Superfoods Cacao products are of the highest grade and quality worldwide and are certified to have been grown organically – free from any chemicals.
Superfoods Organic Chocolate is carefully dried and processed – the temperature is never allowedto exceed 47?C (most other cocoa powders are exposed to temperatures as high as 150?C!).This low temperature process keeps delicate vitamins, minerals and antioxidants intactand avoids the formation of trans-fats, allowing for maximum digestion and absorption.

Ingredients: 100% pure, dark cacao paste. It isa chocolate in its raw state – unheated,no trans fats,no sugars,no dairy.

Directions to use: Cacao Paste is pure, rich, dark bitter chocolate.The best chocolateever! Perfect to make raw chocolate desserts of all kinds.Make your own healthy chocolates at home! The recommended daily intake is 5 to 20 grams.

Benefits ofRaw Cacao:
– Magnesium – Cacao is a fantastic food source of heart-supporting magnesium.
– Anti-Depressant Properties – Cacao is a great source of well-studiedneurotransmitters, which help alleviate depression and are associatedwith feelings of well being. All this makes cacao a natural anti-depressant.
Lose weight, eat chocolate! – Eating raw cacao is known to diminishthe appetite. Therefore eating chocolate in its raw form helps one to loseweight by allowing you to eat less. Turn cravings for cooked chocolate into super-nutrition!
Antioxidants – Cacao beans contain10 grams per 100 grams of flavonolantioxidants. This is a whopping 10%antioxidant concentration level!This makes cacao one of the richestsources of antioxidants of any food.


Soaring Free Superfoods

Peter and Beryn Daniel started Soaring Free Superfoods in 2006. They both are raw foodists & superfoodists as well as trained Raw Food Chefs and authors of South Africa's first gourmet raw food recipe book, RAWlicious. Soaring Free Superfoods is the leading source of a wide variety of organic Superfoods. The company import only the highest quality organic superfoods from around the world, including: Goji Berries, Raw Cacao (healthy chocolate!), Maca Powder, Hemp Seed Powder,      Spirulina, Coconut Oil with more being added all the time. “Eat as close to nature as possible.”