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Carbon C-60, MCT Oil (VitaShell)


Carbon 60 (C60) is carbon molecule made with 60 carbon atoms which are forming soccer-ball shaped formation. This type of molecular structure is known as buckminsterfullerene. A research in 2013 on longevity in rats made Carbon 60 popular for its potential positive effect as supplement. Having fascinating antioxidant properties, this amazing substance is considered the strongest antioxidant known today. Other possible health benefits of C60 include supporting healthy immune system and immune response, protecting eyes & nerves, stimulating healthy metabolisms, balancing hormones, increasing energy, endurance, vitality and libido, improving sleep, increasing longevity and showing promising anti-ageing and antimicrobial properties.

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Ingredients: 0.80mg ultra pure, vacuum over-dried Carbon C60 (99.95%), dissolved in coconut MCT oil.
Note: For experimental use only.

  • Free of solvents
  • Free of preservatives

Process: Mixed in darkness for 2 weeks, filtered through 0.22 micron filter.

Directions to use: Usage of Carbon 60 for health benefits is still not scientifically evaluated and proper dosing has not been established.
First times users can start with 1 to few drops of C60 a day, preferably in the morning, and slowly increase to 1 teaspoon (5ml) a day.
Warning: Detoxification symptom, such as headaches, low energy, skin outbreaks, digestive disturbances and/or nausea may be experienced.

Did you know?
Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded in 1986 to the three scientists who discovered the unique structure of Carbon 60. Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr. (USA), professor Sir Harold W. Kroto (U.K) and Professor Richard E. Smalley (USA) named the molecules “fullerenes” after the name of the American architect R. Buckminster Fuller who designed a geodetic dome for the 1967 Montreal World Exhibition.
Carbon 60 molecule has same soccer-ball shape with 20 hexagonal (6-angled) surfaces and 12 pentagonal (5-angled) surfaces.
These forms of Carbon are commonly found in outer space, but they are only existing sparingly on Earth (candle soot or in the area where lightening had struck).
A study by Dr. Fathi Moussa in 2013 is often cited as proof that Carbon C60 enhances longevity. The research used Wistar rats, which are prone to premature death by pneumonia or tumours. The study found that those rats that received Carbon C60 lived almost twice as long as the average life expectancy of Wistar rats. In contrast, the two control groups that didn’t get Carbon C60 died of tumours, pneumonia or reached the 24-26 month life expectancy. The researchers suggest two primary explanations as to why Carbon C60 was able to prolong the lives of these rats.



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