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Clear Skin, 90 capsules (Willow)


Willow’s Clear Skin is formulated to provide nutritional support for individuals struggling with acne, pimples, eczema, and other skin ailments. This synergetic blend of essential vitamin C, A, and E, minerals Zinc, Selenium and Chromium and plant extract of Dong Quai, Burdock, Horsetail, Pine Bark, and Schizandra will stimulate detox and improve skin health and appearance without compromising gut health and without any side effects.

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90 capsules
Ascorbic acid                                51.25mg
Burdock root                                      20mg
Calcium D-Pantothenate(B5)             50mg
Chromium                                       100mcg
Citrus Bioflavonoids                           10mg
Dong Quai Root Pwd                         30mg
Horsetail                                           100mg
Peony Lactiflora Root                       300mg
Pine Bark Extract                                20mg
Schizandra                                         80mg
Selenium AAc 2%                            1.25mg
Vitamin A Palmitate                          3500IU
Vitamin B-Complex                             50mg
Vitamin E                                        52.63mg
Zinc Gluconate                                    15mg
Other ingredients: Gelatin capsule

Directions to use:  Take 1 capsule 3 (three) times a day.

Disclaimer: This food supplement has not been evaluated by Medicinal Control Council. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Willow brand is part of Nature’s Own Brands – a local manufacturer, headed by Ashley Truter. Nature's Own Brands is specializing in complimentary homeopathic, herbals, nutritional supplements and health foods.


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