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Dairy Free Cheese, Cheddar Style, 200g (Irene’s Gourmet)


This Cheddar Style Dairy-Free Cheese is crafted by Irene’s Gourmet to taste like and substitute regular cheese in a dairy-free diet but still maintains the rich, strong flavour of mild cheddar. Cheddar Style Dairy Free Cheese is perfect for sandwiches, salads, and snacks.

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Irene's Gourmet


Ingredients: Brown rice, water, amaranth, millet, vegetable oil (coconut), vegetable starch, Plant-based stabilisers, miso (soy), mustard powder, olive extract, acidity regulator, annatto

Allergens: Mustard, Soy (from Miso)
Made in a factory that uses tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and gluten.


Irene's Gourmet

Irene's Gourmet is a local supplier of delicious clean vegan food. Irene's Gourmet takes care to produce nutritious and delicious food which is all 100% plant-based and chemical-free.
Irene's Gourmet


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