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eCS Colloidal Silver Liquid, 1 Litre (W.Last)


An all natural mineral supplement suspended in pure de-ionized water with natural viricide, bactericide and fungicide properties. Taken daily, this miracle water boosts your immune system, supports your body to overcome and resist infections and is known to be a remarkable catalyst in the reproduction of healthy, disease-free cellular life.

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Electro/Ionic Colloidal Silver
Note: This product is manufactured by Phuza Health under the guidance of Lancet Laboratories, Johannesburg and Dr Peter Price (Pathologist).


Direction for use of Colloidal Silver Tonic: As a powerful nutritional health tonic that provides vitality, energy and well-being, as well as preventing colds, flu and a host of disease causing pathogens, take half a measuring cap (12.5ml)  3 (three) times per day. Use up to 8 (eight) times dependant on severity. Swish around mouth for 20 seconds before swallowing. Repeat in 2 hours intervals.

Did you know?
The extraordinary properties healing of Colloidal Silver (silver in its colloidal state) are commended by the world’s leading research scientists and the human body, plants and animals are able to overcome a vast array of ailments and diseases when it is introduced as a daily tonic.
Colloidal Silver is extremely versatile and has a vast spectrum of applications and uses. It can be taken orally (drinking it), anally, vaginally, atomized and inhaled into lungs (either through spray or an oxygen nebuliser), as drops into eyes, ears and sinus, or sprayed onto the skin.



W.Last is a trusted local supplier of premium herbal extracts. The company has been in business for more than 100 years and specialized in extracting botanicals in a variety of extraction media with applications in cosmetic and health industries.