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Elemi Essential Oil, 10ml (Escentia Products)


Escentia Elemi Oil, a relative of Frankincense and Myrrh, has been cherished for centuries for its ability to rejuvenate and restore healthy skin. This oil is steam distilled from the resin of the Elemi tree, which is native to the Philippines. It has a pleasant, tangy-sweet aroma with musky undertones.

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100% Elemi essential Oil

Directions for Use:
Place 1-2 drops into an oil burner for aromatic properties.
Place 1-2 drops into a 100ml carrier oil of your choice for topical use. Mix well, then apply evenly and sparingly.

Additional Information:
As a potent antiseptic, Elemi Oil has the ability to protect against every type of infection, whether it’s microbes, bacteria, fungi or viruses. It’s also highly effective in treating wounds.

Elemi Essential Oil is a well-known stimulant, from aiding circulation to triggering the secretion of hormones to improving the digestive system.

Elemi Oil also acts on the nervous system to stimulate nervous responses. This can help to improve the body’s natural processes and improve overall health.
According to Dr Couic Marinier, “Elemi Oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties, particularly effective for muscles and joints as well as the respiratory system”.

Elemi Essential Oil is a powerful analgesic, which means that it acts on the neural system to provide a natural form of pain relief. In fact, unlike many pain remedies, Elemi Oil has no known adverse effects.

Elemi oil is native to Asia, South America and the Philippines. The Elemi tree is known locally as ‘Pili’. A tropical plant, it can grow 30 meters high and produces a light-yellow shrub. Elemi Essential Oil is obtained through a process of steam distillation, extracting this intoxicating oil from the gum of the tree.


Escentia Products

The owners background in chemistry helped the company to provide an extensive, most comprehensive range of essential oils on the market, including exotic oils such as Raspberry, Pomegranate, Helichrysum, Ravensara, Agarwood, Spikenard and Tumeric Oleoresin. Additionally, many of Escentia oils are supplied by local farmers. Escentia has been associated with the Herb Association of South Africa since 1998.
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