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Eva Bio-Energy Water Purifier, 25L


EVA Water Purifier is one of the most sophisticated and advanced water purifying systems on the market. With an 11 stage filtration process, these aesthetically pleasing units not only remove heavy metals and pathogens but also add backtrace minerals and structure the water.
EVA Water Purifiers turn ordinary tap water into clean, great-tasting, live water resembling the qualities of natural spring water. Eva water is ideal for drinking, cooking, making tea & coffee, and safe for making baby formulas. Please see the product description and direction for use below.


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25L total capacity (bottom section 16L, top section 9L)

EVA Water is clean and healthy:
EVA removes all the potentially noxious elements found in tap water (bacteria, nitrates, chlorine, sulphates, heavy metals, chemicals, etc.) via a new filtration process.
EVA eliminates almost 100% of harmful substances such as Chlorine, Lead, Nitrate, Copper, Aluminium, Cadmium, Arsenic, THM (Trihalomethane), other chemicals, many types of bacteria and microorganisms.
EVA Water is slightly alkaline:
EVA drinking water is low alkaline and mineralised and gives a pH between 7.3 and 7.8, ideal for a healthy body and good assimilation.
Eva Water is re-mineralised:
Selected and extracted from regions far away from human pollution, the EVA rocks diffuse a number of trace minerals into the filtered and purified water. These rocks also help with the stabilization of the pH level of the water after filtration.
Eva units are BPA free:
EVA plastic is guaranteed to be free from Bisphenol A (BPA) & phthalate and is food grade quality (SAN /ISO 4894-1:1997&PP /ISO 1043 – food-grade quality, FDA certified)
Eva units are gravity fed:
EVA unit doesn’t need to be connected to a water or electricity supply as it simply works with gravity.
EVA Water is safe for the consumption of babies and toddlers:
Eva purifier water can be used as filtered drinking water or mixed with baby formula.
EVA Water purifiers are equipped with see-through reservoirs that help clients to maintain the water levels in both the top and bottom reservoir throughout the day.

The 11 stage filtrations:
1. Ceramic Filter
This high-density ceramic is 0.2-micron filter that removes harmful bacteria such as Cholera (1.0 micron), Typhoid (1.0 micron), E.Coli (1.0-1.5 micron), Salmonella (1.2 – 1.8 micron), Cryptosporidium (4.0-6.0 micron), Giardia(5.0 – 20.0 micron) as well as dissolved solids and fine particle contaminants like rust. The curve of the dome is designed to encourage chemical compounds to break up naturally before rebirthing takes place (inductance). (Replace every 18 to 24 months)
2. Activated Carbon
The activated carbon from coconut energises the water molecules while removing Chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THMs), other organic chemicals, unpleasant odours, bad smells and colours,
3. Carbon activated with Silver:
Silver activated carbon adds anti-bacterial properties to the filter. This eliminates bacteria that may accumulate in granular filters while also removing THM’s and organic chemicals. This means water can be kept in the EVA purifying unit for longer without compromising the quality.
4. WSM-300
Unique to EVA water purifiers, this material has sterilising properties.Through opposite action during mineral adsorption, this component kills bacteria and inhibits the water in the storage tank from re-polluting.
5. Silica Sand
This ingredient contributes to the very beneficial pH of Eva water by reducing and removing acidic components and restoring a pH between 7.2 and 7.7 – 7.8
EVA water has a pH level similar to the pH of blood, making it the preferred choice of water for human consumption and different from most other purified waters.
Replace the Ultimate Filtration Cartridge (Activated Carbon, Carbon activated with Silver, WSM-300, and Silica Sand) every 9 months, or after every 7500 litres of filtered water)
6. Zeolite
Proprietary prepared Zeolite removes heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, and many other toxins that otherwise accumulate in our bodies and can cause a wide range of illnesses. It also makes water softer.
(Does not need to be replaced unless it gets cracked)
7. Mineral Sand
This layer adjusts the pH of the water to more alkaline and assists in the adsorption (to adhere) of heavy metals while the water molecules become earthed. This helps to ground the clusters of water.
(Replace every 36 months)
8. EVA Mineral Stones
EVA mineral stones add trace minerals while it naturally oxygenates the water and further adjusts the pH to mild alkaline.
EVA super mix supports the function of WSM-3000 and maintains the freshness of the water while introducing more bio-minerals.
9. Eva Mix Super
Assists with the functions of the WSM-3000, and maintenance the freshness of the purified water.
10. Magnetic system
Magnetized water has a free-moving hexagonal structure in harmony with healthy body fluids. This, along with raised energy levels, promotes health and vitality and has many therapeutic properties.
11. Far Infrared Rays
It makes full of vitality Smaller Water Molecule Clusters. Those clusters are microscopic (sometimes even sub-microscopic) and increase the absorption of water by our tissues.

The importance of the pH level in water:
The pH level of water is very important for the body’s well-being as well as for the assimilation of all nutrients. The human body has a natural pH level of 7.4. This level must be maintained for it to function properly. If for whatever reason, the level becomes too acidic or alkaline, the body automatically tries to return to its natural level.
The consumption of acidic water – that is, water that contains an inferior level of minerals, chlorine, sulphates, or nitrates – as well as acidic food, can temporarily hinder the body. Excess acid in the body has been shown to weaken the immune system. The consumption of more alkaline water may help restore the body’s natural balance.
The pH of EVA water is similar to healthy body fluid.  This helps the body to become healthy naturally and maintain equilibrium.

What is Hexagonal water?
Hexagonal water clusters form an essential part of every living cell. The size and shape of the water molecules in our bodies reflect our general wellbeing and health.
Hexagonal water is composed of 6 individual molecules of Hydrogen, held together by common Hydrogen bonds. Evenly organized water structures are stable. Small, hexagonal water molecules can rapidly penetrate the cells of the body and are found around healthy cells. Biological organisms thrive on this water structure, hence the saying “Water is Life”. The 11 stage EVA water purifier creates exactly this type of healing and healthy water.

Did you know?
Water without essential minerals dissolved in it is just clear fluid and cannot sustain health for long periods of time.
Trace elements in the water molecule improve movability through the membranes and cell walls in the body and improve conductivity.
A natural source of a rare combination of trace minerals similar in combination and character to the Lehringer theory of basic biochemistry was found in a natural stone formation from a pristine site in Korea.
Trace minerals in EVA stones include Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Germanium.


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