Expel Uterus Stagnation (Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan) (ChinaHerb)


Expel Uterus Stagnation is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula designed for maintaining uterine health. It relieves symptoms such as menstrual pain and clots. Nowadays this herbal supplement is recommended for addressing absense of menstruation, uterine fibroids, polyps, fallopian tube blockage, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary dysfunctions, and infertility.
This product is contra-indicated in pregnancy.

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60 tablets

Each tablet contains:
Cinnamomi Ramulus (Gui Zhi)             300mg
Moutan Cortex (Mu Dan Pi)                  300mg
Persicae Semen (Tao Ren)                   300mg
Paeoniae Radix Alba (Bai Shao)          300mg
Poria cocos (Fu Ling)                            300mg

  • Pure herbal product
  • No animal ingredients

Directions to use: Adults: Take 2 (two) tablets 2 (two) times a day 30 minutes before or after meals.
Warning: This product is contra-indicated in pregnancy.

Did you know?
Expel Uterus Stagnation comes from “Essentials of the Golden Chamber” by Zhang Zhongjing, a traditional Chinese medical scientist from the Eastern Han Dynasty. It has the effect of promoting Blood circulation, removes Blood Stasis and eliminating mass. 1900 years ago, the ancients used this formula to treat “The woman of lump in lower abdomen and excessive menstrual bleeding; miscarriage and foetus dies in the womb”.

Disclaimer: This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.



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