Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml (Sally-Ann Creed)


Sally-Ann Creed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified cold extracted, unfiltered olive oil, locally grown and produced in Riebeek Kasteel, South Africa. This cold-pressed oil is all natural oil, rich in plant antioxidants, vitamin E, A, D and K, while being cholesterol and sodium free. The oil has no extra processing and is free of any chemicals, synthetic colourant, flavours and preservaties.
Sally-Ann Creed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% pure olive oil.

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Ingredients: Cold pressed olive oil
Country of origin: South Africa

  • No synthetic colourants or flavours
  • No added seed oil
  • No preservatives

Directions to use: Ideal for everyday cooking, making salad dressings, sauces and marinades

Did you know?
Sally-Ann Creed Olive Oil has been awarded the South African Olive Gold award .
Cold pressed means the olives are pressed under 30 degrees Celcius to preserve the live nutrients and high levels of monounsatureated fatty acids.


Sally-Ann Creed

Meet Sally-Ann Creed - Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist. Author of 10 books, researcher, speaker, product developer.
Sally-Ann Creed


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