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Fennel Essential Oil, 11ml (Nautica Oils)


Nautica Fennel Essential oil is extracted via steam distillation from the Fennel plant seeds. Fennel has been known & used in many countries for its powerful digestive support and calming effect on the body. The oils has Licorice-like aroma with anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be rubbed on the stomach to relieve gas & bloating or applied to wounds & cuts to prevent infections

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Nautica Oils


Ingredients: 100% pure Fennel Oil (Foeniculum Vulgare)
Country of origin: USA

Warning: Do not use or apply to skin undiluted.

Benefits of Fennel Essential oil:

  • Protect wounds from becoming infected.
  • Speed up wound healing
  • Calming effect on the boy
  • Assists with abdominal cramping, gas and bloated stomach
  • Relieve from constipation and IBS
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties
  • Boost metabolism while suppressing appetite
  • Natural laxative
  • Can be used as a mouth freshener
  • Purifying and detoxifying effects
  • Promotes lactation
  • Provides relief from pre-menstrual symptoms and irregular periods

Fennel Cuticle Balm
1 tbs Coconut Oil (organic, cold-pressed)
1 tbs Hemp Seed oil
1 tbs Shea Butter
1 tbs Almond Oil|
10 drops Lavender oil
10 drops Peppermint oil
10 drops Eucalyptus Oil
10 drops Fennel oil
10 drops Clary Sage oil
In double boiler, melt the carrier oils.
Once melted, remove from heat and stir in 10 drops of each essential oil.
Pour into small glass jars/ pots and let it cool completely before sealing
Apply to cuticles 3-4 times a day after hand washing or as needed.


Nautica Oils

Nautica Oils is a local supplier of raw natural, organic and conventional ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Nautica Organic Trading is based in Durban KwaZulu Natal and has been dealing in organic and conventional cold pressed, refined and essential oils in South Africa since 2006. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Southern Africa. Certain oils are imported from Europe and India and Madagascar. Nautica Oils carries over 200 essential oils, organic and conventional. They sell carrier oils, butters, waxes, fragrances and natural 'greener' cosmetic raw materials.
Nautica Oils


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