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Fruit Sticks, Strawberry & Apple (Nature Addicts)


Find the good old taste of the strawberry in this version full of freshness!
There Fruit Sticks are 100% natural and sweetened naturally by the sugars found in the fruit! Nature Addicts’ Strawberry & Apple Fruit Sticks are the perfect break whenever you’re feeling peckish, at any time of day, at school, after your daily exercise, at work or at home.

Fruit Sticks are 100% natural and sweetened naturally by the sugars found in the fruit!

Tasty and super fresh, strawberry-flavoured

The Fruit sticks are made from concentrated fruit puree and juice and are free from preservatives, added sugar or sweetener and any artificial additives

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Ingredients: Concentrated apple puree, Concentrated apple juice, Strawberry puree, Concentrated strawberry juice, Gelling agent (pectin from fruit), Citrus fibre, Purple carrot juice concentrate, Lemon juice concentrate, Natural strawberry flavouring
(100g of product is made from 695g apple and 28g of strawberry)
Allergens: May contain traces of gluten, soy and milk
Country of origin: Belgium

  • Vegan
  • No added sugars (naturally present in the fruits)
  • No preservatives
  • No added sweeteners
  • No artificial colourants
  • No artificial flavours


Nature Addicts

Nature Addicts (N.A!) was born in 2009 in Belgum with a big challenge: to evolutionise the snack world by making what we find in nature into delicious healthy snacks. At N.A! they put their know-how, their energy and their passion into working with natural products in a different way, without ever compromising on deliciousness! N.A! is firmly committed to promoting healthy eating and selecting the best for you, while keeping their recipes simple and preserve only the best!

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