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Fulvic Acid Concentrate, 500ml (Fulvic Force)

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Fulvic Acid is an unique substance with a natural strong sour and bitter taste. As a product of a long and slow refining process, Fulvic acid contains all the riches of ancient plants: 70+ minerals & trace elements, amino acids, amino sugars, peptides, nucleic acids, phytochemicals and phytonutrients – nutrients needed for healthy cell and body development.

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Ingredients: Fulvic acid (15%), plant-derived minerals and trace elements, reverse osmosis water.
Elemental content: Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and other elements in trace quantities.

Direction for use:  Use twice daily. Take 8 ml in the morning (best on empty stomach) and 8 ml in the evening (not too late). Shake well before use.
Fulvic Acid metabolises alongside other nutrients and is fully utilized within a single metabolic cycle, thus, one cannot build up elevated levels of Fulvic acid in one’s body without daily replenishment.
8 ml is a little less than one-third [1/3] of the measuring cup included with every bottle of the product (or one and a half [1 + ½] of a teaspoon). You may want to top it up with mineral water or mix with fresh juice.
The dosage can be doubled during times of stress and/or low energy.
Fulvic acid has a natural strong sour and bitter taste, as it is a pure unadulterated organic product, not altered in any artificial way. It can be diluted in a glass of mineral (not tap) water or mixed with natural honey or pure fresh fruit juice to ease the natural taste, if required. When consumed undiluted, drink a glass of mineral (not tap) water or pure fruit juice immediately after ingesting Fulvic Force product.

More about Fulvic Acid:
Fulvic acid a truly remarkable natural compound. Not well known to general public but studied extensively by scientists and researchers around the world, it is a substance as critical to life as oxygen, water and sun rays. Plants would not be able to exist without fulvic acid and, with no plants, there would be no animal and human life on earth.
Fulvic acid is found in soil and plants, where it carries out two indispensable functions: to absorb from soil minerals and trace elements and all nutritional and remedial components left there by microbial action, and to transfer this valuable content into plants cells, where it is metabolised and used for healthy growth. When plants die and eventually decompose, they return their mineral, nutritional and remedial value, fulvic acid including, back to soil and the cycle repeats itself again.
Just as it works for plants, fulvic acid has a very similar action, and an associated spectrum of outstanding benefits, for humans and animals – all life forms on earth share very similar building blocks: living cells.
Fulvic Force FulvicAacid is a natural supplement second to none. It carries mineral, nutritional and remedial value of ancient plants, delivered right inside living cells of the body. It is for everyone: healthy and active people looking for energy, wellbeing and protection, sport people striving for increased endurance, quicker recovery and guarding against injuries, as well as people afflicted with different, often serious, conditions.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid:
A lasting boost to your immune system, better resistance to infections and diseases.
Better oxygenation and increased circulation.
More balanced blood sugar.
Renewed energy resulting in stronger motivation and improved endurance during sports activities and exercise.
Shorter recovery time between strenuous exercises, less frequent injuries.
Reduced cravings, comfortable control over unhealthy eating habits.
Increased resistance to cold and flu, falling sick less often.
Less inflammation and free radical damage.
Quicker recovery from aches and pains.
Rejuvenated skin, hair and nails, more youthful complexion and appearance, slowing down ageing factors.
Improved digestion and bowel function.
Improved concentration, better brain and memory functions.
Revitalised libido, better sexual functions and an increase in sexual desire.

Detox: When beginning to use fulvic acid for the first time some people (one in five in our experience) may experience mild effects of cleansing and detoxification. Signs of detoxification may include flu-like symptoms: mild headache, mild running tummy (or constipation), mild joint aches, tiredness, skin outbreaks, etc. Such a detox reaction is typically only short-term, usually a few days to a week.  It is a normal and even healthy reaction that may indicate healing. Do not discontinue using the product, you may reduce the dose until symptoms of detoxification disappear, and then build up the dose to the regular recommended level.

Fulvic acid can assist with:
Viral infections.
High cholesterol level.
Various cancers.
Eye diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi.
Ulcerous wounds, inflammation and haemorrhaging.
Skin ulcers.
Acne, eczema, psoriasis.
Asthma and lung infections.
Chronic bronchitis.
Arthritis related autoimmune diseases, including: lupus, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Disclaimer: This products has not been evaluated by the Medicine Control Council. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease.


Fulvic Force

Proudly South African company manufacturing Fulvic Acid under patented technology. Discover the amazing health benefits of Fulvic Acid - organic substance with outstanding nutritional values and powerful detoxification properties.
Fulvic Force

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    My delivery came within a day after payment. I was very happy. Perfect packaging as well. Was buying it for a friend. Thank you so much.

    • Lily

      It is a pleasure, Diana. You made our day!

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