Gluten-Free White Bread Mix (Health Connection)


Health Connection offers new and improved mix for Gluten-Free White bread making. Just add water, egg, oil and yeast. This Gluten-Free White Bread flour is ideal for sandwiches and has high fibre content.

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Ingredients: Rice flour, potato starch, corn starch*, flaxseed powder, soya flour*, full cream milk powder, sugar, salt, stabilizers, food grade enzymes. * Does not contain GMO’s.

Directions to use: Use in gluten-free recipes. Just add eggs, oil, yeast and water.

Gluten-Free White Bread Recipe:
500g Health Connection Gluten-Free White Bread Mix
2 eggs
10g instant yeast
2 tbsp Olive oil
380ml water
Method: Blend all ingredients slowly for 2 minutes. Scraps down the sides. Mix for 6 minutes fast using a paddle fitting. Proof and let rise for 40 munites. Bake for 30-35 munut44s at 200 degrees Celsius.
Baking time may vary depending on oven.
Note: The bread loaf will continue to rise about double the original dough size and more during baking. Make sure your baking tin has enough space.


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Health Connection is a local supplier of over 300 health lines, both foods and natural remedies. They stock health shops, pharmacies and farm stalls around the country. Heath Connection range includes supplements, proteins, dried fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, gluten free foods, lactose free products, flours, natural sweeteners, baking products, seasonings, botanical remedies, organic foods, oils and many more.
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