Raw Goat Milk, Frozen, 1L (Goat Peter)

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Goat Peter Goat Milk is bottled straight after milking and frozen to lock in all the health aspects. Goat Peter milk is of best quality, free of hormones and growth stimulants. Goat Peter Milk is full cream and unpasteurised. Free of preservatives. Non-homogenised.
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1 litre
Ingredients: raw Goat full cream milk, non-pasteurized

Benefits of Goat Milk

  • Goat milk is a very good source of calcium and of protein, phosphorus, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and potassium.
  • Perhaps the greatest benefit of goat milk, however, is that some people, who cannot tolerate cow’s milk, are able to drink goat milk without any problems. Goat milk has also been shown to enhance the metabolism of both iron and copper, especially when there are problems with absorption of minerals in the digestive tract. These, and other factors, are likely to play an important role in the tolerability of goat milk versus cow’s milk.
  • For infants who have difficulties with digesting dairy products, goat milk can sometimes even be used as a replacement for cow’s milk-based infant formulas.
  • Most people assume that goat milk will have the same strong, musky taste for which goat cheese is famous. Yet, in fact, good quality goat milk has a delicious, slightly sweet, and sometimes also slightly salty, taste – and good quality goat milk cheeses only have a hint of a goaty taste.
  • Anyone who visits Europe will soon become aware that goat milk is widely used. In France, for instance, there are well over one million dairy goats, and small producers throughout the country make hundreds of varieties of goat milk cheeses.


Goat Peter

The owners, Alastair and Marianne, specialise in goat milk products and make some of the finest goat cheeses in South Africa. Goat Peter’s products have been highly awarded in South Africa. In 2010, Goat Peter's took the top honours at the South African Dairy Championships, and their Grison won the Product of the Year award, making history as the first, and still the only, goat milk product to win this top prize. 
Goat Peter

1 review for Raw Goat Milk, Frozen, 1L (Goat Peter)

  1. riishongwe (verified owner)

    I was trying my luck on a better alternative to cow or vegetarian milk. This is delicious. Can add in coffee and in cereals. Am surely gonna stick to this type

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