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Grass-fed Ghee Butter, 250ml (Mooberry Farms)

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Mooberry Farms butters are made using only cream and salt. Their Grass-Fed Ghee Butter is free of any preservatives, stabilizers or any additives. Ghee is a type of clarified butter with lesser content of casein and lactose. It also has higher burning point than regular butter and is often used for frying.

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Ingredients:  Grass-fed Butter, clarified

Did you know?
Ghee is made by melting regular butter which cause the milk solids and fats to separate. Milk solids are then removed and the remaining clarified butter is called Ghee.
Ghee has been used extensively in Ayurveda practice and traditional Indian cuisine.


Mooberry Farms

Mooberry Farms is a small family-run farm based in Northriding Randburg, Gauteng. It all started when they became more concerned about how our current food gets produced and didn’t want their family being forced to eat mass-produced, chemically enhanced meat. They also became more aware of how mass-produced animals are subjected to harsh, inhumane conditions and wanted to raise animals that were allowed to grow up as naturally as possible without any added antibiotics, animal by-products, or growth stimulants added to their feed, free to run outside in the sun and act as nature intended them to. Mooberry Farms prides itself on providing food that is as natural as possible. Their animals are all raised on their own farm & the owners are passionate about the animals' wellbeing and they are therefore treated with the love and care they deserve. Mooberry Farms people interact with their animals daily and as a result, have tame, happy animals. The farm is not run on a large commercial basis and they are very hands-on with their daily routine. All of their products are farmed using Organic Principles as far as possible.

1 review for Grass-fed Ghee Butter, 250ml (Mooberry Farms)

  1. tsebosei (verified owner)

    Grass fed there you go, know that it’s good for your health. This is the real staff anything else is not worth it to get inside your body.only food for organic choice are good for our gut because they care about our health and well-being

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