Green Kratom (Soaring Free Superfoods)


Kratom, a potent medicinal plant rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, is a tropical evergreen tree native to the jungles of Southeast Asia. Green Kratom is naturally energising and supports increased cognitive function and focus. It has a mood elevating and enhancing effect providing mental support, but more traditionally the leaves are chewed for energy. In higher doses, it can also have a calming effect. Soaring Free Superfoods Green Kratom Powder is wild harvested and certified to be pesticide free.

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Ingredients: 100% wild-harvested green kratom (pesticide free)

Directions to use: Strong bitter taste. Mix with juice and have a chaser on hand. Mix into fruit juice or plain with water as a tonic.
Maintenance: 2g (1 tsp) once a day
Medicinal: Up to 5g (2.5 tsp) for healing purposes or as a natural, healthy recreational mood enhancer.

Warning: Possible side effect: May enhance and alter your mood. If you have a health condition, are on medication, pregnant or nursing consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for recommended use. Your unique physiology and biochemistry may mean that you experience effects other than those described, so we recommend testing each kratom strain (red & green) with this in mind.


Soaring Free Superfoods

Peter and Beryn Daniel started Soaring Free Superfoods in 2006. They both are raw foodists & superfoodists as well as trained Raw Food Chefs and authors of South Africa's first gourmet raw food recipe book, RAWlicious. Soaring Free Superfoods is the leading source of a wide variety of organic Superfoods. The company import only the highest quality organic superfoods from around the world, including: Goji Berries, Raw Cacao (healthy chocolate!), Maca Powder, Hemp Seed Powder,      Spirulina, Coconut Oil with more being added all the time. “Eat as close to nature as possible.”


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