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Herbal Anti-microbial Mouthwash (Nature Fresh)


A refreshing & gentle minty mouthwash with Olive Leaf, Clove, Aloe Ferox & Tea Tree to fight & protect against germs in mouth and throat. Green Tea, Liquorice root, Calendula & Rooibos help to heal, soothe and protect. Gentle to sensitive teeth, ulcers, bleeding gums and sore throats but tough on odour and germs. No Fluoride, no alcohol, no harsh chemicals.

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Ingredients: Water, Sea Salt, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin C, Potassium Sorbate, Olive Leaf, Clove, Aloe Ferox, Tea Tree, Green Tea, Liquorice Root, Calendula, Rooibos.

Directions to use: Use daily as a month wash or a gargle. Can be used after eating, flossing, drinking or smoking to gently brush your teeth. Dilute with water if desired.
For severe infections and sore throats: use frequently to soothe irritation, burning, pain and dryness.

Health benefits of the ingredients:
Xylitol – protects against bacteria that causes tooth decay, mouth and gum infection and bad odour. Xylitol also helps for mucous problems like snoring and post nasal drips.
Green Tea, Calendula, Liquorice root & Rooibos – helps to soothe and ease pain associated with bleeding gums and ulcers
Tea Tree, Aloe Ferox, Clove – powerful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory plant ingredients to protect mouth against germs and infections. Assist with gum health and fights bad odour.
Good for halitosis and gum infections.
Helps to enhance saliva and prevent a dry mouth.


Nature Fresh

Nature Fresh's bright green logo is familiar to customers who care about their health & love nature. Nature Fresh is a local manufacturer, which developed the first fluoride-free oral hygiene products for supermarkets and health shops way back in 1996. Now they have a range of over 40 unique people and planet friendly lines. They don’t do animal testing – but some of their products are used for pets and even pot plants!
Nature Fresh


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