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Horseradish Sauce (Natures Heritage)


Narures Heritage offers hand-made Horseradish sauce made with their own organic horseradish. This spicy condiment is similar to mayonnaise and makes a delicious addition to sandwiches, cold meat and cheese boards, salads and grilled meat and fish. This 100% natural Horseradish sauce is also great with roasted potatoes and chips. Free of any additives, preservatives, MSG and GMOs.

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Ingredients: Horseradish (PSG), Olive oil /(EV-Portugal), Apple Cider (NH Farm made), Salt (natural), eggs (3%).

  • Hand made
  • No artificial colourants and flavours
  • No preservatives
  • No GMOs
  • No MSG

Directions to use: Use a little on sandwiches, chips, salads and on top of grilled meat and fish.


Natures Heritage

Natures Heritage is a family owned farm. Dale and Colleen started it in 2013 as a main source of living. They farm organic veggies, chickens, eggs and pork. Natures Heritage farm is PCG Organic certified every year. Their main focus is on healthy soil on which organic, clean and tasty vegetables are grown. Natures Heritage produce is free of GMOs, synthetic pesticides and herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and preservatives.


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