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KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Water Filter


Created through an ancient Japanese technique, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal (Binchotan) is a highly porous natural filter. When placed in water, it naturally adsorbs and reduces toxins, while removing E. Coli and enriching it with beneficial minerals – turning ordinary tap water into filtered water, with a delicious and more refreshing taste.

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1 stick
Ingredients: Activated Charcoal

KURO-Bō Activated Charcoa Filter:

  • is easy to use
  • removes toxins from tap water, such as lead, aluminium, copper, iron, chlorine, mercury and manganese
  • enriches water with beneficial minerals, like magnesium and calcium
  • neutralises pH and improves the taste within 15 minutes
  • removes E. Coli in only 60 minutes (99 CFU/100ml)
  • offers a more environmentally friendly and economical alternative to plastic water filters and bottles
  • is reusable for up to three months
  • is recyclable in a number of eco-friendly, versatile ways
  • all 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Including packaging

Directions to use:  Use one regular stick of KURO-Bō per every 2lt of tap water.

  • ACTIVATE your KURO-Bō stick by boiling it for 10 min and placing it into a 2-3L jug or carafe of tap water. Ideally leave to filter for 6-8 hours, or overnight, at room temperature or in the fridge.
  • REACTIVATE and reuse your KURO-Bō stick by re-boiling it for 10 min each month.
  • RECYCLE your KURO-Bō stick after two to three months in a number of eco-friendly.

Depending on the volume and quality of water being purified, a single KURO-Bō stick can be used for up to three months.
If your water doesn’t taste as clean and refreshing as it should at any stage, it likely means it just needs a little boost! In the first and second month, just try boiling your stick again for 5 minutes to open the pores again. In the third month, it likely means it’s time to recycle and replace!

How does Activated Charcoal works:

  • During KURO-Bō’s creation process, it becomes carbonised, as well as highly porous, which significantly increases its surface area, which in turn allows it to adsorb and naturally bond with toxins, in order to remove them, while enriching water with beneficial minerals. This means it acts as a natural filter and improves the taste of your ordinary tap water.
  • KURO-Bō is proven to remove significant levels of toxic heavy metals and chemicals like: lead, aluminium, copper, iron, chlorine, mercury and manganese, as well as E. coli (tested at 99 CFU per 100ml). Plus research also widely suggests that activated charcoal helps to remove many other impurities such as viruses, other bacteria, pesticides, cancer-related Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs), chemical run-off, pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, as well as ethylene, acetic acid vapour and hydrogen from the atmosphere. Apparently it can even absorb electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies!
  • KURO-Bō enriches water with many of the beneficial minerals that were originally stored in the living hardwood tree from which it was created. These include Magnesium and Calcium, and it neutralises pH as well. Binchotan is also known to releases Potassium and Phosphorus.
  • KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal actually helps to balance the pH, thereby softening the water and improving its taste.

About KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal
It all started centuries ago…
Long before plastic bottles and expensive filters, artisans in the Japanese region of Wakayama (originally known as Kishu), discovered the art of creating Binchotan – as well as all its many uses… First, as a way of cooking, and later as a means to fertilise soil, remove odours and, most importantly, purify their drinking water.
Today, just as it was hundreds of years ago, each stick of KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is created in the very same way as the original Japanese Binchotan.
KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is created by carefully harvesting high-quality hardwood, which is then baked by highly trained craftsmen in a special kiln – initially at low, and then later at extremely high temperatures of over 1000ºC. This process causes the wood to carbonise and activate, while also enlarging its pore structure to enable maximum toxin adsorption. After 7 – 14 days, the carbonised wood is removed from its kiln and covered with a mixture of earth, sand and ash, giving it a temporary whitish hue – as well as its other name of “white charcoal”. Once cooled, the activated charcoal is then carefully hand-cut in order to be used as a natural water filter, as well as in many other innovative ways.
KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal not only purifies ordinary tap water, but does so in a way that is totally eco-friendly. In a world that produces millions of tonnes of plastic waste and carbon emissions every year, KURO-Bō is the only non-plastic water filter that is reusable, 100% recyclable and results in minimal Carbon Dioxide emissions – from the way in which it’s made to its completely eco-friendly packaging (*the box/sleeve are recycled and recyclable card, and the bag is compostable corn starch).


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