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Lamb Rump, 2 Pieces, Frozen (Three Sons Lamb)


Finest cut Lamb Rump from Three Sons Lamb family farm. The pack includes 2 thick cut rump pieces with the fat. Their lamb is registered and monitored by SAMIC as ‘Great Karoo Natural Lamb’. They are also the ONLY Karoo lamb producer in South Africa to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC by ECOCERT.
Their animals roam the farm freely and only feed on the natural Karoo veld without the use of any hormones or routine antibiotics and medicines.
Free range, organic Karoo lamb at its best – the way it should be.
This product is FROZEN. Available for collections or delivery to Johannesburg and Pretoria only.

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2 pieces (+- 460g to 520g)
Ingredients: Finest cut Lamb Rump Chops, from certified organic pasture raised lamb.

  • Certified organic
  • No growth hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No GMOs
  • No preservatives
  • No added salt
  • Proudly South African

Did you know?
Driekoppen Family Farm is a 5th generation lamb producer in the Great Karoo.
They proud themselves in being the only certified organic lamb farm in South Africa. Holistic grazing patterns are used in order to preserve the precious Karoo veld. Animal welfare and good husbandry practices are second nature in their operations.
All feed supplements given to their livestock are constructed from natural ingredients and their lamb is free of GMOs, routine antibiotics and growth hormones. Even the cutting plant runs on renewable energy.
Lamb production is their lifestyle and it is their family’s honour to provide their customers with the highest quality Karoo lamb.


Three Sons Lamb

The only CERTIFIED ORGANIC Karoo Lamb in South Africa!
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