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Laundry Powder, Lavender (Earth Sap)


Washing powder based on pure natural ingredients including earth mineral salts & 100% natural oils. Non-toxic and biodegradable product, safe for septic tanks and the environment. Suitable for both machine and hand washing.

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Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Essential Lavender oil.

Directions for use:
Front loader: 150ml for lightly soiled, 250ml for heavy soiled
Top loader: 150ml for lightly soiled, 250ml for heavy soiled

No dyes
No artificial fragrances
No artificial preservatives
No phosphates
No petrochemicals
No chlorine or bleaches
No animal or GM ingredients
No testing on animals


Earth Sap

100% natural and environment all friendly cleaning and body products. Proudly South African manufacturer of natural, non-toxic cleaning and body products. Free of any synthetic ingredients. Safe for us and the environment.
Earth Sap