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LungShield, 30 capsules (Tara Pharmaceuticals)


LungShield helps to reduce the oxidative stress in the lungs caused by breathing in smoke, fuel emissions, chemicals, toxins and other free radicals that cause inflammation. Oxidative stress is believed to play an essential role in the development of respiratory infections.
During exercise, your entire respiratory system works harder than usual and by managing oxidative stress during exercise LungShield can help to get the most out of your training sessions by boosting energy and reducing inflammation.
Similarly with asthma, COPD and other respiratory infections, LungShield helps to manage oxidative stress which causes inflammation and infections.


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30 Capsules
Each capsule contains:
Alpha Lipoic Acid                                    100 mg
Ascorbic Acid                                          100 mg
Lycopene (100%)                                        5 mg
Zinc Gluconate                                         2.1 mg
Manganese AAC 10%                              0.4 mg
Chromium AAC 10%                            0.025 mg
Magnesium Citrate                                 38.4 mg
Copper AAC 10%                                     0.1 mg
Boron AAC 10%                                       0.1 mg
Molybdenum AAC 0.2 %                       0.025mg
Vitamin B12                                             0.01mg
Vitamin D3                                                500 IU

Direction to use: Take 1 capsules with a glass of water per day or as prescribed by your healthcare professional

LungShield provides support for:

  • Smoker’s lungs
  • Pollution exposure
  • COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Athletes
  • Respiratory tract infections


Tara Pharmaceutical

Tara Pharmaceuticals is a local business based in Gauteng. They believe everyone deserves access to reliable natural alternatives in medicine and dietary supplements that assists with disease prevention and healing. Tara Pharmaceutical range offers complementary and affordable, high-quality natural medicine and dietary supplements made with herbal and medicinal plants and extracts to provide quality symptomatic relief for various dietary and healthcare needs.


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