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MannaBrew Superfood Espresso, 998g


You can now enjoy espresso with a healthy twist. MannaBrew, a superfood espresso, is a coffee-alternative without the caffeine or acidity.
With MannaBrew you can enjoy a full rich espresso, high in nutritional value. The natural sugars in the Mesquite beans give the product a subtle sweet, rich, dark, caramel flavor. Try this delicious coffee alternative with a bit of milk or cream for a truly yummy drink, or take it black for a more coffee-like experience. One box of MannaBrew can make up to 30 cups. That’s double of your regular brew!

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998g (2.2lb)
Ingredients: 100% Mesquite beans, roasted to perfection

  • certified organic by Kiwa BCS
  • USDA organic
  • Wild harvested
  • No Caffeine
  • No Acidity
  • Wild Harvested
  • Superfood

Directions to use:
Fill portafilter basket halfway, tamp down lightly, and extract espresso as normal. (Not for use in automatic machines)
French press: Use 1-3 heaped teaspoons per cup (According to desired strength)
Moka Pot: Fill basket halfway, place on medium-high heat, and allow to percolate.
Filter: Use 1-3 heaped teaspoons per cup (According to desired strength)


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