Marigold Seeds, 100s (Root’d)


Medicainally, many cultures use infusions from dried leaves or florests.
Marigold Petal tea infusion: Add a small amount of dried marigold petals to hot water and steep for 5 – 10 minutes. You can add honey for sweetness if needed.
Research also suggest that Tagetes Patula (French Marigold) essential oil has the ability to be used as residual pesticide against bedbugs. Marigold is benedicial as an antiseptic and an excellent remedy for wound treatment. It’s also used for digestive track problems including poor appetite, gas, stomach pain, colic and internal worms.
They don’t just draw in those pollinators, they also draw in insects to help you in organic pest control. Marigold can help to bring in ladybugs, lacewings, hoverflies and other predatory insects that will eat aphids and other pests which can damage your crops.



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Variety: Bonita Mix

Pack includes: +-100 seeds

Sowing: Spring/ Summer

Sow Depth: 4mm

Position: Sun / Partial Shade

Spacing: 25cm x 25cm

Germination: 7 – 14 days

Height: 20cm – 30cm

Days to maturity: 70 to 80 days



Root’d is a small, family run business specialising in natural untreated, non-GMO seeds & sprouting seeds with superior germination rates.

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