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Natural Toothpaste, Peppermint & Baking Soda (Earth Sap)


Refreshing toothpaste with 100% natural ingredients. Biodegradable. No synthetic fragrances or preservatives. No synthetic dyes or SLSs. No animal ingredients. No petrochemicals. No animal testing.

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Earth Sap


Ingredients: Natural gum, vegetable glycerine, calcium carbonate, xylitol (source: birch trees), baking soda, peppermint oil.

Earth Sap is proudly South African company committed to making 100% natural products. Their range includes cleaning products, body products and Tea Tree beauty range. All Earth Sap products contain no harmful chemicals and are safe for us and the environment.


Earth Sap

100% natural and environment all friendly cleaning and body products.
Proudly South African manufacturer of natural, non-toxic cleaning and body products. Free of any synthetic ingredients. Safe for us and the environment.

Earth Sap