Nourish Root Yin (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) (ChinaHerb)


Nourish Root Yin is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula, designed to maintain kidney and reprodactive system health. It is a suitable remedy to Nourish Liver and Kidney Yin. It has a wide range of indications such as ageing, chronic optic problems, tinnitus, growth and pubertal delay, vaginal dryness, irregular menstruation, sore throat, neurasthenia, chronic nephritis, feeling of hot in the chest/palms/soles or night sweating. Studies also found out that Nourish Root Yin has anti-ageing and antioxidant effects, is effective in overcoming learning and memory barriers and consolidating memory and can prevent progressive dementia and amnesia. Nourish Root Yin also addresses absence of menstruation (Amenorrhoea), non-insulin-dependent diabetes, infertility, and low libido in women.

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60 tablets

Each tablet contains:
Rehmanniae Radix Praeparata (Shu Di Huang)  405mg
Corni Fructus (Shan Zhu Yu)                               255mg
Dioscoreae Rhizoma (Shan Yao)                         255mg
Alismatis Rhizoma (Ze Xie)                                  195mg
Moutan Cortex (Mu Dan Pi)                                  195mg
Poria  (Fu Ling)                                                     195mg

  • Pure herbal product
  • No animal ingredients

Directions to use: Adults: Take 2 (two) tablets 2 (two) times a day 30 minutes before or after meals.

Did you know?
Nourish Root Yin originated from the “Concise explanation of Paediatric Herbs and Syndromes”, written by Qian Yi, a paediatrician expert in the Song Dynasty. It has a history of more than 900 years of clinical application. The original intention of Dr. Qian Yi was to treat paediatric growth retardation and dysplasia. However, contrary to the original intention of Dr. Qian Yi, Nourish Root Yin has become a good formula for nourishing Yin and Kidney and health care. It is widely used in Kidney and Yin Deficiency disorders, manifested as sore and weakness of waist, dizziness, tinnitus, hot flashes, night sweats, and dry mouth, feeling of hot in palm and sole, insomnia.

Disclaimer: This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.



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