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Olive Leaf Extract Tincture, 100ml (Herbal Wellness)


A potent tincture containing all the natural component of the raw Olive Leaf, boosted with olive leaf extract concentrate containing >20% Oleuropein. It is a powerful microbe fighter for the prevention & combating of a wide range of illnesses caused by viruses, retroviruses, bacteria, yeast infections (Candida Albicans), fungi (Athlete’s foot), moulds, protozoa (Malaria), worms & other parasites.
Herbal Wellness Olive Leaf Extract tincture is non-irradiated and free of GMOs, animal ingredients, preservatives and colourants.

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Each 1ml contains: Olea Europaea fol (150mg), Olea Europaea fol powdered extract (300mg) (with >20% Olearopein Standardised), Ethyl Alcohol 94.4% m/m (318mg), Purified water (282mg), final alcohol (30% m/m).

  • No GMOs, animal ingredients, preservatives, colourants, yeast, wheat or gluten.
  • Non-irradiated.

Directions to use: Best taken before or between meals.
Preventative dose: 10 drops in a little water 3 times a day.
Acute illnesses: 20-30 drops 3-5 times a day or 20 drops per hour in a little water.
Above 10 years – half the adult’s dose in a little water.
Below 10 years – quarter the adult’s dose in a little water or as directed by a health care practitioner.

More about Olive Leaf:
Olive Leaf have been known for thousands of years by Mediterranean people to have disease-resisting properties. It has been used in teas, tinctures and chewed raw to remedy or prevent a wide variety of common illnesses, but only recently the active ingredient (Glucoside Oleuropein) has been successfully extracted.
The Herbal Wellness formula combines a strong tincture of raw leaf containing all its natural phyto-nutrients with their synergistic benefits and
dissolved in it, a highly-concentrated olive leaf extract to intensify its infectious-disease fighting properties. The result is a high quality supplement with a strong concentration of active ingredients.
Being a tincture, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and into the cells themselves where viruses multiply. Amazingly, Olive Leaf extract attacks only harmful microbes, doing do damage to friendly intestinal bacteria or the body’s own protective cells. Olive Leaf extract is non-toxic and completely safe for human consumption.

Some of the therapeutic effects of Olive Leaf extract:

  • Elimination of disease-producing microbes allowing recovery of the immune system with an associated increase in energy levels and stamina.
  • Effectively treats chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Reversal of most symptoms attributed to Candida Albicans overgrowth and yeast infections.
  • Lowering of high blood pressure with increased blood flow to the heart correcting irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation.
  • Strong antioxidant action (free radical scavenging).
  • Help in reversing atherosclerosis and inhibition of oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
  • Elimination of fungal infections, eg. Athlete’s foot
  • Relief from arthritic inflammations
  • Recovery from malarial and other tropical diseases causing high fevers.
  • Relief from sinusitis.
  • Alleviation of fibromyalgia (pain in fibrous tissues, tendons, muscles, ligaments)
  • Helps in the treatment of Psoriasis.

Warning: Owing to the elimination of large numbers of harmful microbes, a worsening of existing symptoms or mild flu-like symptoms may appear for a few days after taking Olive Leaf extract as the body purges their toxic remains from the system. If uncomfortable, reduce dosage or discontinue for a few days and increase water intake.

Disclaimer: The above information about Olive Leaf Extract is intended for general information only and do not constitute any medical claims whatsoever. In the event of illness, consult your health practitioner.


Herbal Wellness

Herbal Wellness is a local company who formulates and produces effective herbal products to meet the pressing health needs of the nation. Their products are prepared to the highest standards in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, and methods used to extract the active ingredients are carefully considered for maximum strength and natural synergy. They are committed to keeping abreast of the latest research worldwide to ensure that their products remain on the cutting edge. Your health, your wellness, naturally!
Herbal Wellness


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