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To maximize the organic ingredients Good Life has replaced the cream of tartar with Baobab Fruit powder, an ingredient with similar properties. The baobab is known as the “cream of tartar tree”. Good Life Baking powder uses Arrowroot instead of a cornstarch, a healthier and more paleo and banting friendly alternative. The result is a baking powder that is made with 75% certified ingredients.

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Ingredients: Baobab Fruit powder*, Arrowroot flour*, Bicarbonate of soda
*from organic farming

Directions to use: Use as a raising agent for baking and cooking.
Tested by many home bakers, Good Life Organic Baking powder with Baobab powder has proven to work on cakes, scones, muffins, crumpets and a variety of biscuits, delivering delicious results. When baking needs a lift, give it an organic Baobab lift!

  • No GMOs
  • No Aluminium
  • Naturally free from Gluten

More about Baking powder:
Baking powder usually consists of an alkaline base (bicarbonate of soda), a weak acid (cream of tartar or more often synthetic acidifying agents) and a filler (usually corn starch). The starch prevents the acid from activating the bicarbonate until a liquid is added. Sometimes acidifying agents may contain aluminium which a definite no-no!

Did you know?
Bicarbonate of soda is not an agricultural product and therefore cannot be certified as organic ingredient.


Good Life Organic

Organic foods, superfoods, herbs and spices. Good Life Organic is a small but dynamic company that believes in the nutritional and environmental benefits of organic production methods. Issues of sustainability, fair trade and ethical dealings are central to their business practices. Good Life Organic imports a wide range of organic food products, including spices, herbs, tea, grains, dried fruits and nuts, tamari and Himalayan salt for repackaging under their brand. Wherever possible they try to source products locally, but sadly certified organic suppliers are few and far between in South Africa. All Good Life Organic products are vegetarian, 99% are vegan and all are certified organic. The one exception is Himalayan salt, which is excluded from EU regulations as it is not an agricultural product. Good Life Organic’s commitment to customers is to always source and supply the finest organic products, free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, genetically modified organisms or any reservatives. Enjoy the taste of food that is as natural as possible!
Good Life Organic


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