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Organic Beetroot, 1kg (Natures Heritage)


Freshly harvested Beetroot from Natures Heritage family farm. This PCG certified organic fresh product is clean, tasty and free of any GMOs, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and preservatives. Beetroot can be juiced, cooked for salads and casserole, or added to pickles and raw marinated slaws. This root vegetable has liver cleansing properties and may help improve Iron levels and boost energy.
This product is available for collection at our store or delivery to GAUTENG ONLY.

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ingredients: beetrrot

  • Locally grown
  • No GMOs
  • No synthetic pesticides
  • No synthetic herbicides
  • No synthetic fertilisers
  • No preservatives



Natures Heritage

Natures Heritage is a family owned farm. Dale and Colleen started it in 2013 as a main source of living. They farm organic veggies, chickens, eggs and pork. Natures Heritage farm is PCG Organic certified every year. Their main focus is on healthy soil on which organic, clean and tasty vegetables are grown. Natures Heritage produce is free of GMOs, synthetic pesticides and herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and preservatives.


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