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Organic Coconut Cream, 22% (Kapruka)


Kapruka Organic Coconut Cream is a full-cream coconut product, made from fresh coconut kernels which are liquefied, filtered, emulsified and canned to preserve the full coconut flavour. This product is organic, unrefined with 22% fat content. Free of preservatives.

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Ingredients: Extracted coconut milk (64%), Water, Stabiliser
Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Directions to use: Best used for cooking of curries, making desserts, in baking and smoothies.

Did you know?
The difference  between Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream lies in the fat content.
Coconut Milk has a lower fat content and is often used in cooking where less fat is required.
Coconut Cream contains less water and has a higher fat content; making it ideal for creamier, richer dishes.


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