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Organic Digestif Tea (Qi Teas)


Discover the delightful combination of soothing Oolong tea, with Fennel, Anise and Ginger – ingredients reputed to aid digestion. It makes a great alternative to after-dinner coffee as the fresh taste of fennel and mint make it perfect for cleansing the palate. Qi Teas are ethically sourced, 100% natural and really fresh – enjoy as part of a natural, healthy lifestyle!

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Qi Teas


32g/ 20 tea bags
Ingredients: the oolong*60%, mint leaf*, star anise*, liquorice*, fennel*, ginger*
*organically grown ingredients

Directions to use: Allow one teabag per cup, using water 80 – 100ºC. Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Enjoyed best without milk or sugar.

About Qi Organic teas:
Qi Teas stand out for the abundance of natural, Organic and Fairtrade tea, fruit and herbs.
They source our tea directly from independent Fairtrade farmers with long traditions in the preparation of high quality teas. Only the best, spring-harvested leaves are selected which produce Qis distinctive delicate and mellow teas, a number of which have been awarded Gold stars at the Great Taste Awards by The Guild of Fine Food.
Qi works in a spirit of true friendship and partnership with mountain communities in China to bring some of the Finest Organic Fairtrade China teas. Unlike many teas on the market, Qi teas do not come from vast plantations but are grown on small farms in an environmentally protected area, high in the remote Yellow Mountains of Southern China.


Qi Teas

Certified organic green and white teas. Qi Teas is a small family-run business, created in 1997 after founder, Joe d’Armenia, read a book on the health properties of green tea: ‘Green Tea: The Natural Secret to a Healthier Life'. Inspired by this research, he embarked on a voyage of discovery to China, and from here Qi Teas were born. There are over one thousand tea gardens in China producing an even greater number of green tea varieties - Joe searched for organically certified tea gardens producing teas which were rich in taste and aroma. His search took him to the Yellow Mountain region of China, an area of outstanding natural beauty and from here; he introduced the first Organic China Green Tea to the UK. From the time our company was established, we have enjoyed a special, long-standing relationship with the communities who grow and prepare our tea. We are proud to work directly with a co-operative of small independent farmers with long traditions in the preparation of high quality teas, and buy our tea directly from them. In 2006 they opened their own blending and packing facility in the area of the tea gardens. Operating to high international standards with ISO certification, it provides employment for many of the local community. By doing everything themselves, they have the ability to directly control the whole process, from the tea harvest, right through to the final product which means they can guarantee that the teas they produce are the highest quality, and have full traceability. Qi teas are inspired by the ancient teachings of the Chinese who have for centuries used natural plants and herbs for healthy living. They taught that Qi is the life-force - the natural energy of life. Qi energy drives all aspects of life - the environment and community we live in, the food we eat, and the exercise we take. Qi energy drives our thoughts and our mental well being. Qi energy is strong when all these aspects of life are well balanced and in harmony with each other – this is the inspiration for our teas.
Qi Teas


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