Organic Sweet Potato Flour, 500g (Wensleydale Farms)


Sweet Potato Flour is an excellent gluten-free ingredient that adds a delicious flavour to your baking. Wensleydale Farms Sweet Potato Flour is made from certified organic potatoes and is naturally rich in fibre, vitamins and trace minerals such as Iron, Calcium and Selenium. Perfect for rusks, muffins or bread recipes.

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ingredients: 100% pure, organic sweet potato flour.
Certified organic by CERES, ZA-BIO-140.

Directions to use: Sweet Potato Flour can be used instead of regular flour. Replace up to half of any regular flour with Sweet Potato flour. Add extra liquid or shredded apple/carrot to your recipe as sweet potato flour absorbs requires more moisture. Allow the mixture to sit for 5-6 minutes before baking.


Wensleydale Farms

The Wensleydale Farm is a certified organic farm located 45 km north-west of Johannesburg, South Africa. They offer organic fresh produce and selected packed organic foods.
Wensleydale Farms


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