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pH Testing Strips (BioLife Nutrition)


Biolife Nutrition pH Testing Strips are simple self-test strips which allow you to effortlessly determine your pH level in the privacy of your own home. Biolife Nutrition pH Testing Strips test the pH level of both urine and saliva, providing a pathway to maintaining a healthy alkaline balance.

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100 strips

Did you know?
PH is the measurement of alkalinity or acidity within water or blood.
PH of 7.0 is neutral, if the PH is less than 7.0 it is acidic and PH levels above 7.0 are alkaline.
Enzymes are responsible for all chemical reactions in the body and they function in a very narrow range of alkalinity with the optimum PH level being 7.4. The body ensures that the blood is kept within a range of 7.35 – 7.45.
Contrary to popular belief blood does not become acidic and it would be fatal if the PH level of blood dropped to 7.2. However if you are consuming a lot of acidic items like meat or tomatoes the body leaches calcium from bones in order to keep blood alkaline, this results in weakening of the bones and an increased risk of osteoporosis, hormone imbalances and deficiencies in Vitamin K and D as well as Manganese.
Acid forming foods leave an ‘acid-ash’ which the body immediately neutralises to keep the blood PH level stable, ideally you want to eat more alkaline forming foods (should make up 80% of your diet) in order to prevent an impaired skeletal structure.


Biolife Nutrition

BioLife Nutrition brings you a local, affordable range of quality vitamins and mineral supplements. BioLife products are free of preservatives, fillers and additives, so you get higher quality vitamins that your body can easily absorb and utilise. All Biolife’s products are manufactured with the finest, most superior raw materials sourced from the most trusted suppliers. Biolife products are manufactured in Medicines Control Council (MCC) approved factories which meet international quality standards. These factories comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Regulations.


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