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Progast Floracare Forte, 30 capsules


Progast® FloraCare Forte Capsules is more than just another probiotic. It’s a multi-strain probiotic formulation containing prebiotic fibre, botanical extracts, minerals and vitamin D3. FloraCare is encapsulated in novel DRCaps® for maximum freshness and targeted release throughout the gastrointestinal tract.
Vegan friendly. Free from sugar, lactose, GMO, gluten and soya. No artificial additives, flavours, colourants or preservatives.
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30 capsules
Four probiotic strains:
Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum,
Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium lactis             5 billion CFUs
Beta 1,3 Glucan (β-1,3-Glucan)                                    50 mg
Ginger (Zingiber officinale)                                          150 mg
Perilla Leaf Extract (Perilla frutescens)                       500 mg
Folic Acid                                                                     250 μg
Zinc Gluconate                                                             35 mg
Selenium (AAC 0,2 %)                                                 10 mg
Manganese (AAC 10 %)                                              10 mg
Vitamin D3                                                                   500 IU (equivalent to 12.5 mcg)
Other ingredients:
Progast® FloraCare Capsules is odour free, encapsulated in novel DRCaps® for maximum freshness and targeted release throughout your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The novel DRCaps® protect the ingredients from degradation in the stomach by stomach acids.  DRcaps® capsules are innovative HPMC (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) capsules. Owing to their plant-based origin, HPMC capsules are preferred over gelatine capsules by consumers pursuing a plant-based diet. HPMC capsules are also preferred for consumers wanting non-GMO and free-from delivery formats as they are free from preservatives, allergens, starch and gluten.

  • Certified Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian Society, Halal and Kosher certifications.
  • Free from sugar, lactose, gluten and soya.
  • No artificial additives, flavours, colourants or preservatives. 
  • Produced in a facility with the highest international standards of safety, hygiene and quality control: ISO-9001.

Directions to use: Adults and children over 12 years of age can take one capsule twice daily 30 minutes before a meal. Swallow with a glass of water. Do not take with warm liquids. Do not open the capsule.
During antibiotic therapy, FloraCare Forte Capsules should be taken at least 3 hours after administration of the antibiotic (i.e. in the interval between antibiotic doses).

 Warning: Do not take Progast® FloraCare Forte Capsules if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of the ingredients. Take under medical supervision if you suffer from a serious chronic disease and/or undergoing medical treatment.

More about Progast FloraCare Forte:
For optimal gut health and overall health, we need more than just probiotics. Progast FloraCare Forte offers a synergistic effect when prebiotic β-Glucan, vitamin D3, minerals, gingerol and perilla leaf are added to 4-strain probiotics. Synergy is the behaviour of whole systems unpredicted by the behaviour of their parts.
Perilla leaf extract, or Perilla frutescens, offers valuable assistance in the management of functional gut problems and possess anti‐allergic, anti-microbial, anti‐inflammatory and antioxidant activities. It has been shown to improve bloating, gas, fullness and abdominal discomfort.
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a most phenomenal plant and healing entity that is beyond the scope of any modern drug. It has been used in Oriental formulations for thousands of years. Progast FloraCare Forte capsules do not contain dried ginger, but gingerol – an isolated oily-resinous substance, comprising 5% of the plant.
Ginger is one of nature’s richest sources of the proteolytic enzyme zingibain, an enzyme that digests protein.
Perilla leaf extract regulates the enzymes of lipoprotein metabolism and together, gingerol and perilla leaf extract synergistically play a role in influencing lipid metabolism.
One gram of zingibain can tenderize as much as 9 kg of meat! We know how difficult it is to digest protein, so imagine the impact on digestion of 150 mg of ginger extract in every FloraCare Capsule. Ginger promotes contractions, further assisting the transit time of food through the digestive tract. Food sitting in the stomach for too long is often thought to be the cause of indigestion.
Beside improving digestion, zingibain contributes to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action of FloraCare. Studies have shown that enzymes like zingibain can enhance the effectiveness of probiotics. Both probiotics and digestive enzymes are vital to our digestive health and perform complementary functions.
Anti-inflammatory vitamin D3
Folic acid to further assist the body in digesting protein by stimulating the formation of digestive acids
Zinc Gluconate – an essential mineral and nutrient in the gut barrier function and
Selenium, as deficiency increases inflammation and oxidative stress that can actually contribute to gut permeability.



Progast® is a cutting edge range of natural products has been formulated by experts to synergistically support optimum gastrointestinal function. Their expertise in understanding gut health, makes Progast® your go-to support for solutions to gut conditions and your road to optimum health. An integral part of their manufacturing is to conduct chemical, pharmacological, and toxicological evaluations at multiple stages of manufacture – from raw material to finished product.


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