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Pure Hydrolysed Collagen, 200g (Sally-Ann Creed)


Collagen is pure, 100% protein, but without the dairy component. This tasteless & easy to absorb powder has anti-ageing properties and promotes healthy joints, bones and younger looking skin. Sally-Ann Creed Pure Hydrolysed Collagen is made from grass-fed beef.  It has around 20g protein per serving and has no carb content. Free of any additives or preservatives.

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Sally-Ann Creed


Ingredients:  pure hydrolysed Collagen

  • No fillers
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial colours
  • No additives

Directions to use: Take 1-2 tablespoons in coffee, juice or water or add it to any food or drink, hot or cold. It mixes immediately and has no taste at all.

More about Collagen:
Collagen is the primary protein in connective tissue, skin and bones. Sally-Ann Creed Pure Hydrolised Collages is a type 1 from grass-fed beef. Collagen type 1 is the protein which is most abundant in your body, more than any other type – making up 35% of the entire body protein content.  Type 1 also stimulates the production of type 2. Shortage of collagen as you age will cause a number of problems, usually associated with:

  • ageing – causing sagging skin and wrinkles
  • a lack of elasticity of the skin itself and stiffness
  • thinning hair and/or hair loss and thinning of the thickness of each hair
  • decreased joint mobility – pain and stiffness in joints and spine
  • osteoporosis; bone pain
  • paper-thin nails and many other conditions

Adding Collagen to your diet may help with:

  • Stronger, thicker hair and nails
  • Healthy joints – also rebuilds cartilage
  • Clear skin
  • Prevents wrinkles and smooths out some
  • May rebuild entire organs
  • Improves arthritis (rather dramatically!)
  • Strengthens arteries
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Promotes weight loss through fat-burning
  • Helps the body form new collagen of its own
  • Amazing for gut health – restores digestive balance
  • Wonderful for a good sleep if taken before bed
  • Helps prevent and treat osteoporosis
  • Some people claim it resolves hypertension
  • Improves bladder weakness
  • Improves chronic fatigue (definitely improves energy levels)
  • Helps with autoimmune diseases


Sally-Ann Creed

Meet Sally-Ann Creed - Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist. Author of 10 books, researcher, speaker, product developer.
Sally-Ann Creed


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