Pure Raw African Honey, 1.4kg (Plan Bee)

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Plan Bee Raw African Honey is sourced from small local farmers. It is not treated, not heated, and non-irradiated. This delicious and nutritious honey is not mixed and has not been subjected to alterations of any kind. Plan Bee Raw Honey is Choice Grade 100% Pure Local Honey.

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Ingredients: pure African honey
Country of origin: South Africa

  • Non pasteurised
  • Non-irradiated
  • Local


Raw Honey FAQs: All You Need To Know

Going beyond just being a great natural sweetener, raw honey has an impressive list of health benefits, medical properties and versatile uses.

It is a given that not all honey is equal, but we’re here to unpack precisely why this is by answering some of the most common questions surrounding raw honey.

Raw Honey: Frequently Asked Questions

How do bees make honey?

Honey is made from nectar combined with an enzyme that bees produce. It is stored in honeycombs as the bees produce it, going through a fermentation process.

The entire process looks a little something like this:

‘House bees’ take the nectar inside the colony and put it aside by stacking it away in honey cells made from beeswax. These are hexagonal and hold the nectar, which is then turned into honey. This is achieved by drying the nectar out by generating heat as the bees move their wings and create a breeze. Once complete and the honey is successfully dried out, fresh beeswax is put over the honey cell to close it up, similarly to closing the top of a container.

This process is fascinating and takes place around us all the time – bees are always hard at work, creating nature’s gold for us to enjoy!

What are the benefits of raw honey?

When in its raw state, honey has a very impressive list of health and medical benefits, such as:

  • Antiviral and antifungal properties
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • High in vitamins and minerals
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • High antioxidant value
  • Wound-healing properties
  • Aids brain health and overall immune system functioning
  • Aids in digestion also helps with coughs and sore throats

You can read more about the health benefits of raw honey here.

How to use raw honey?

  1. Honey can be added to sauces, dressings or marinades to add a natural sweetness to the recipe. This also offers added health benefits that sugar just cannot.
  2. Honey can be a great addition to breakfast when you need some extra sweetness. It is good on oats, cereals and yoghurts, adding flavour and antioxidants too!
  3. Honey can be used to sweeten hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Honey is also an excellent sweetener for cold beverages such as iced tea or lemonade.
  4. Honey combines well with other toppings, such as nuts over yoghurt or peanut butter on top of toast.
  5. Honey makes for a great topping for pancakes, waffles, toast and other delicious treats.

What does it mean if honey is irradiated?

Irradiated honey is simply honey that has undergone any radiant energy exposure to control disease. This is a precautionary measure used to ensure that honey is safe to consume. Unfortunately, whilst harmful organisms are killed in the process of irradiating honey, there is also the risk of beneficial microorganisms and enzymes being killed off too.

Does honey have an expiry date?

Honey can be stored in closed containers for extended periods without the risk of spoiling or having any issues. Processed honey can have an ‘expiry date’ of around two years from the time of processing; however, this will depend on what processes the honey has undergone.

Honey can be susceptible to chemical and physical changes due to being stored incorrectly, which can alter the honey’s appearance, taste and smell. In general, any crystallisation that forms is harmless and shouldn’t affect the flavour or aroma, just being a natural change of state over time.

What are the nutritional benefits of raw honey?

Raw honey is jam-packed full of various minerals and vitamins that are essential to us. There is also an impressive list of health benefits honey boasts due to its high antioxidant power. Honey is an excellent source of amino acids, being a natural sweetener bursting with nutritional benefits such as:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Digestive health friendly
  • Ability to help soothe a cough or sore throat
  • Wound healing properties
  • Promotes good brain health
  • A great source of antioxidants
  • Phytonutrient powerhouse
  • Immune boosting properties

To learn a bit more about the amazing health profile of raw honey, check out our recent post “Raw Honey: All The Buzz to get the rundown.

What is the difference between pure and raw honey?

Raw honey entails that the honey has been derived from the hive directly and has not been interfered with whatsoever. Raw honey can be filtered or unfiltered depending on the brand of choice; however, this also depends on the consumer’s preference.

Pure honey, on the other hand, means that the honey has no added ingredients such as corn syrup or any other artificial sweeteners. However, pure honey means that it has been pasteurised instead of being in its raw state, as honey is naturally found.

Do most stores stock raw honey?

In general, the honey found in the average commercial grocery store has most likely been pasteurised. The purpose of honey undergoing this process is to allow the extreme heat to prolong the shelf life whilst also improving the honey’s texture, colour and appearance. Furthermore, pasteurisation removes any crystallisation in the honey and kills off any organisms, such as yeast, insects and any harmful microorganisms. Unfortunately, the majority of the health benefits of honey fall away when it is taken out of its raw, untampered natural state.

We stock a selection of raw honey products to meet exactly what you would be looking for. You can browse our full range of raw honey products to discover what is best for you.

How can I tell if honey is raw?

Besides the surface-level analysis of any labels stating “pure’, “raw” or “organic” to lead you in the right direction, there are a few things you can check for when ensuring your honey is raw.

Firstly take note of the appearance of the honey. Raw honey is typically more opaque and lighter in colour, being a light yellow, golden shade. Next, upon opening the jar of honey, there is most likely a crust of propolis from it being in its raw state.

You can also take a spoon of honey out of the jar to see how it separates. Raw honey is more likely to settle in layers that are visible and easy to note.

To Bee Or Not To Bee

Honey is an excellent addition to a healthy diet, offering a range of health benefits to reap daily. Not only being a superfood alternative to sugar as a sweetener, honey also boosts our immune system and so much more.

With its nutritional profile and long list of benefits, honey is nature’s liquid gold when in its natural form. Explore the full range of pure raw honey that we stock from our trusted providers.



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