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Raw Sauerkraut (Irene’s Gourmet)


Irene’s Gourmet Sauerkraut is delicious & rich in live probiotic cultures condiment. This Raw Sauerkraut is made by traditional methods using only cabbage and Himalayan Salt.

Non pasteurized. Vegan friendly.

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Irene's Gourmet



Ingredients: Cabbage, Himalayan Salt

Directions to use: Raw Sauerkraut can be eaten as is, added to salads, used on burgers instead of conventional pickles, served on salty biscuits with cream cheese, as a side to any meal and delicious on sandwiches.

Did you know?

At Irene’s Gourmet, all care is taken to produce wholesome, nutritious and delicious food using the finest quality ingredients.

Irene’s Gourmet products are all 100% plant-based and chemical free.


Irene's Gourmet

Irene's Gourmet is a local supplier of delicious clean vegan food. Irene's Gourmet takes care to produce nutritious and delicious food which is all 100% plant-based and chemical-free.
Irene's Gourmet


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