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Reusable Sanitary Pad, Zebra Pattern


Handmade with love, these stylish, yet functional pads offer a thick fleece lining that will help with absorption. The Reusable Sanitary Pad has an inner layer of dark grey fleece fabric, which is soft and comfortable, and an outer layer with stylish print with zebra pattern design. The concept of a reusable cloth pad is the same as a single-use disposable pad. They are designed to fit in your underwear, snap securely in place, and absorb your menstrual flow.

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1 x  Cloth Sanitary Pad (approximately 30cm x 10cm)

The Importance of Reusable pads:
Reusable menstrual pads have become popular again with consumers becoming more conscious of our carbon footprint and looking for ways to reduce waste. With growing concerns over what we put into landfills, many mass consumables such as diapers, pads + tampons, plastic bags, and paper towels have steadily been rivalled by reusable options.  And the added concern of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that are used in disposable pads.

Cleaning & Maintenance: 
Rinse and soak – Rinse your pad after removal and toss it into a wet bag (we include one!) until you’re ready to do the laundry. You could also opt to soak your pads in water to help reduce staining until you’re ready to wash them. Try dropping them into a leak-proof trash can or bucket with water, a teaspoon of Castile soap, and some antibacterial essential oils like peppermint or tea tree oil.
Wash – We suggest using a simple, eco-friendly detergent that doesn’t contain additives or fragrances. Wash in cold water to prevent staining. If you’ve soaked your pads in water, dump them into the washer and run them through a rinse and spin cycle first. Then you can add towels or anything else you want to wash along with your pads. Never use fabric softener with your reusable menstrual pads; the conditioners in the fabric softener will coat the fibers and reduce absorbency. If you find that your pads are less absorbent over time, you may need to “strip” them of any detergent buildup.
Dry: We strongly recommend hanging to dry to prevent shrinkage. If you’re crunched on time, you can tumble dry them on a low-heat setting


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