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Shatavari Capsules (Sfera Bio Nutrition)


Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus ) is a popular ingredient in Ayurveda practice and famous as ‘the plant of one hundred roots’ or ‘she who has one hundred husbands’ as it helps women with libido and reproductive problems. Safe to use by women of all ages.

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60 capsules
One capsule provides: Shatavari         250mg
Standardised for a minimum of 20% saponins
Other ingredients: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose capsule shell
Country of origin: India

Directions to use: As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Health benefits of Shatavari:

  • Supports healthy reproductive system in women
  • Promote fertility
  • Regulates menstruation
  • Assists with menopausal symptoms and alleviates hot flushes, night sweat, memory loss and anxiety
  • Increases the production of breast milk
  • Very good general tonic for women
  • Assists in recovery from childbirth
  • Helps rebalance oestrogen levels in women
  • May help with Candida infections
  • Aphrodisiac properties for men when combined with Ashwagandha
  • May help the body detox from cancer treatment drugs, as it helps to stimulate the immune system and Helps the body to eliminate toxins.
  • Soothes the digestive tract

Warnings: Shatavari may have a diuretic effect, and should be used with caution by those taking diuretic medications, under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner.
Avoid taking Shatavari if you have an oestrogen-sensitive condition.


Sfera Bio Nutrition

Sfera Bio Nutrition (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012 under the firm belief that digestion is the underlying key to many of the modern chronic illnesses of our time. At the heart of Sfera is a philosophy that cares for the natural products movement supporting organic growing, the essential nature of health, the respectful preservation of ancient health traditions and the sensitive introduction of innovative complementary supplements and concepts. And a care for the planet and all its inhabitants The word Sfera comes from Sphere: A round body in a shape of a ball, having the surface equally distant from the centre at all points and Digestion as a centre or core, which affects all points or parts of our body.
Sfera Bio Nutrition


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