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Sinulex Forte, single sachet (Tara Pharmaceuticals)


Sinulex Forte assists the body’s natural defences. It can be used in conjunction with antibiotics and decongestant therapies. Tara Pharmaceuticals Sinulex Forte includes comprehensive herbal and natural ingredients to supports the body’s ability to deal with allergens, cold, flu, and sinusitis for healthier airways and a clear head. Sinulex Forte relieves the symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis and mild upper-respiratory-tract infection. It also assists in shortening the duration and severity of the symptoms associated with sinus, colds, flu, and seasonal allergies.

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Singel sachet (3 capsules)
Each capsule contains:
Pelargonium Sidoides Extract  PE60        100mg
(root extract as 20mg of 5:1 extract/standardised to >60ppm Umckalin)
Horseradish extract                                    200mg
(root extract 50mg of 4:1 extract)
L-Ascorbit Acid (Vitamin C)                        300mg
Zinc Sulfate                                               21.8mg
(the equivalent of 5mg elemental Zinc)
Vitamin D3 (7.5ug Cholecalciferol)              300iu

  • Non-sedatives
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Tartrazine free
  • Fast and effective

More about the active ingredients:
Pelargonium Sidoides root extract is a clinically and pharmacologically well-documented modern plant-based medicine for upper respiratory tract infections. Unlike other sinusitis, cough, cold, and flu remedies, this unique extract contained in the preparation Sinulex Forte Capsules not only relieves symptoms but also shortens the duration of the illness itself. It has a unique pharmacological profile that is ideal for the treatment of respiratory tract infections: It activates anti-viral defences, fights bacteria, and is a mucolytic.
Horseradish has shown to have a strong mucolytic action.
Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system.

Directions to use:
Acute dose:
Adults and children above 12: Take 1 capsule three times daily.
Children 6 – 12 years: Take 1 capsule twice daily.
It is recommended to take this dosage for at least 5 consecutive days.
Chronic dose:
Adults and children above 12 years: Take 1 capsule twice daily.
Children 6 -12 years: Take 1 capsule daily,
Or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.


Tara Pharmaceutical

Tara Pharmaceuticals is a local business based in Gauteng.
They believe everyone deserves access to reliable natural alternatives in medicine and dietary supplements that assists with disease prevention and healing.
Tara Pharmaceutical range offers complementary and affordable, high-quality natural medicine and dietary supplements made with herbal and medicinal plants and extracts to provide quality symptomatic relief for various dietary and healthcare needs.


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