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Sinulex Forte Syrup, 100ml (Tara Pharmaceuticals)


Sinulex Forte syrup is scientifically formulated based on biochemical-physiological synergy in reducing symptoms relating to upper respiratory tract inflammation, reducing symptoms brought on by inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis), colds, and flu. With Rumex acetosa for its vasodilation action, thereby aiding the relief of mucous production; Sambucus nigra to help to decongest the upper respiratory tract, including the Eustachian tubes; Gentiana lutea to improve vasodilation (and mucous production relief); Primula veris to lessen cough and prevent inflammation; and Verbena Officinalis for its very specific anti-inflammatory action on the mouth (buccal cavity), throat and sinuses.

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Each 7ml syrup contains:
Primula veris L. (Primula veris flower)              198mg
Rumex acetosa L. (Field sorrel herb)               198mg
Sambucus nigra L. (Elderflower)                      198mg
Verbena officinalis L. (Verbena herb)                198mg
Gentiana lutea L. (Yellow gentian root)              66mg
Contains Sorbitol: 2.8g / 7g
Contains Alcohol: 6.03% (m/m)

  • Non-sedatives
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Tartrazine free
  • Fast and effective

Pharmacological actions of Sinulex Forte Syrup:
Rumex acetosa: This herb works through vasodilation action, thereby aiding in the relief of mucous production.
Sambucus nigra: This herb helps to decongest the upper respiratory tract, including the eustachian tubes.
Gentiana lutea: This herb works synergistically with Rumex acetosa to improve vasodilation ( and mucous production relief)
Primula veris: This herb covers analgesia and helps to prevent inflammation. In addition, Primula acts on the mid-brain to prevent coughing (anti-tussive). This is significant for night use.
Verbena Officinalis: This herb has a very specific anti-inflammatory action on the mouth( buccal cavity), throat and sinuses.

Direction for use: Unless prescribed differently, Sinulex Forte Syrup is only to be taken three times daily, as indicated in the table below:

Age Single-dose Total daily dose
Children under the age of 2 years Not Recommended Not Recommended
Children aged 2 to 5 2.1ml = 2.5g 6.3ml = 7.5g (3 x 2.1ml)
Children aged 6 to 11 3.5ml = 4.2g 10.5ml = 12.6g (6 x 3.5ml)
Adults and children over 12 years 7.0ml = 8.4g 21.0ml = 25.2g (3 x 7.0ml)

Patients with gastrointestinal sensitivity to take Sinulex Forte Syrup after meals.
Shake the bottle well before use.
Unless prescribed differently, Sinulex Forte Syrup may be taken for 7-14 days. If the symptoms worsen or persist, please consult your healthcare professional.

Warning: Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation, as safety and efficacy of Sinulex Forte Syrup have not been established.


Tara Pharmaceutical

Tara Pharmaceuticals is a local business based in Gauteng. They believe everyone deserves access to reliable natural alternatives in medicine and dietary supplements that assists with disease prevention and healing. Tara Pharmaceutical range offers complementary and affordable, high-quality natural medicine and dietary supplements made with herbal and medicinal plants and extracts to provide quality symptomatic relief for various dietary and healthcare needs.


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