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Soy Candle Travel Tin, Exotic Egyptian (In Time Promotions)


Exotic Egyptian Travel Tin Soy Candle inspires & ignites passion with essential oil blend of Rose, Lime, Cinnamon & Ylang Ylang.  These exclusive therapeutic candles are made from the highest quality soybean oil. Convenient size to take with anywhere you go or travel. Makes perfect gift too.

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In Time Promotions


Ingredients: 100% all natural, biodegradable soybean wax, 100% pure essential oils of Rose, Lime, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang. 100% cotton wick

  • No lead
  • No dyes
  • No added chemicals
  • No preservatives.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Soy Candles:

  • Fragrances relax the mind and invigorate the soul, relieving stress and anxiety
  • Soy Candles melt at 2 degrees above body temperature, perfectly safe for applying to the skin.
  • Soybean wax’s rich and abundant combination of Vitamin E, Lecithin and soy proteins nourishes the skin, improving tone, texture and radiance.
  • Soothe, moisturise and condition cuticles and hands or dry elbows, knees, heels and feet.
  • Soy Candles burn for up to 50 hours (220ml), or 20 hours (75ml)
  • Contains no GMO’s
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Carcinogen-free


In Time Promotions

In Time Promotions began its journey in 2008. Their vision embodies the intention and commitment to providing unique, holistic, high quality products which benefit the Mind, Body and Spirit. The sense of smell is the strongest of all five of our human senses. Conscious of the potential effect of scent, the SOY CANDLES fragrances have been combined to trigger memories, relax the mind and invigorate the soul. Along with the growing universal awareness towards natural eco-friendly products, SOY CANDLES have become their main focus to provide you with relief from stress and sparks innovative and creative thinking processes.
In Time Promotions


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